Six Common Questions About Global.MPT

Question #1: What is Global.MPT? When is it used?
Answer: Global.MPT is a planning template file that contains a collection of settings that are applied to all Projects.

Question #2: What changes are applied to Global.MPT file?
Answer: Typically, any changes you make to views, tables, filters, calendars, reports, and forms are local and apply only to the active project file, and any changes you make to toolbars, menus, and import/export maps are global. Global changes are made to the global file immediately and apply to all project files on your computer. When you open a new project file, it reflects your customized toolbars and menus.

Question #3: Can I add/remove/update the contents of Global.MPT?
Answer: Yes. You can use Tools | Organizer … to copy the elements from one project file to global file and vice-versa.

Question #4: Where is Global.MPT file found?
Answer: By default, it should be found under the \\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\1033 folder. Or else, you can run regedit.exe and do a search for Global.MPT to know the folder location.

Question #5: Global.MPT is a local file. I don’t want everyone to maintain their own global file but want everyone to use a common Global.MPT. How can I do it?
Answer: Project checks the current folder for Global.MPT. If it is present uses it, otherwise looks in the default installation folder and loads the Global.MPT in background. To change this procedure, follow the below steps:

1. Copy Global.MPT to shared folder (like \\myshare\project)
2. Ask each user, to create a short-cut of Project on their desktop
3. Edit the short cut and set the Start In folder to be shared folder
4. Now, the user launches Project using this short cut, Project checks the Start In folder rather than current folder.

Question #6: What is the significance of Set as Default button in Tools | Options dialog, Tracking | Set Baseline dialog?
Answer: The general options are all local settings, and apply only to the active project. If you want to make these settings the global default for all new projects, click the Set as Default button.

Applies To: Project 2003, Project 2007


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